Childproofing and creating an environmentally friendly home

Why do I need to baby proof now? My baby won’t be crawling for a long time!

If this is your first child, you will need to spend some time preparing your home for the baby’s arrival. It may seem too early to worry about this but once you have the baby home it won’t take much time until your baby becomes mobile and starts getting into things. If you get your home ready before you bring the baby home, it will be one less thing to think about while you enjoy your time with your new baby.

How do I make my home safe for my baby?

To baby proof your home, you need to remove hazards from areas an infant or young child can access.

  • Keep poisons, chemicals, cleaners and other potentially hazardous materials up high. Put a child-safety latch on cupboards that contain household poisons and chemicals.
  • Move small objects (marbles, Lego etc. – anything that can fit through a toilet paper tube) out of reach.
  • Lock away any sharp or powered hand tools – saws, drills, etc.
  • If you have a pool, it should be securely fenced in and have a self-locking gate.
  • Look at the safety features of all baby furniture and equipment you purchase. If you are purchasing second-hand furniture check that it meets current safely standards according to Health Canada.
  • Keep stuffed toys and heavy blankets out of the crib.
  • Make sure your window coverings don’t have cords hanging down – they should be attached to a cleat on the wall.
  • Use furniture safety straps to secure shelves, book cases, bureaus to the wall.
  • Cover your electrical outlets with plug-covers.
  • Make sure you have a working smoke detector.