Postpartum health care and 6-week postpartum visit

When will I see my health care provider after delivery?

Newborn infants and their mothers should be seen by a knowledgeable caregiver within the first week. During this visit, your baby’s health will be assessed and any feeding or other maternal issues can be addressed. Family doctors and midwives will also want to see you and your new baby for a checkup typically at around 4-6 weeks postpartum. If your health care provider is an obstetrician, he or she will provide your care but your baby will need to be seen by a family doctor or pediatrician.

What happens at postpartum checkups?

This purpose of postpartum visits is to assess the health of you and your baby and get a sense of how well things are going for the both of you. Your health care provider(s) will:

  • Weigh and measure the baby
  • Ask about the baby’s intake and soiled diapers
  • Ask how breastfeeding is going
  • Ask about the baby’s latch
  • Want to know if you have nipple or breast pain
  • Ask about any bowel or bladder issues
  • Assess your incision if you had a C-section
  • Ask how your perineum is healing
  • Ask about your bleeding
  • Want to know how your mood is
  • Screen for postpartum depression
  • Discuss birth control
  • Possibly do bloodwork or a glucose test
  • Possibly do a Pap test