Sex and pregnancy

I am pregnant. Can I still have sex?

For many women, the months preceding their pregnancy have involved quite a bit of sex! Now that you’re pregnant, you may wonder if you can still have sex. So long as you have a normal, healthy pregnancy, you can have as much sex as you want. This is an area where men and women really differ in their wants and needs – there is no wrong way to feel about having sex. Some women find they are less interested because they are too tired, or their breasts hurt, or they are feeling too nauseous. Some women find their desire is higher than ever during pregnancy. If you have a pregnancy with risks for preterm labour (multiple pregnancy, high blood pressure), it may be better to abstain from intercourse.

Can sex cause a miscarriage?

Usually a miscarriage happens because the fetus is not developing normally. Having sex does not increase the risk of miscarriage.

What are the best positions during pregnancy?

Any position that feels comfortable is just fine. As your belly grows, some positions will no longer be feasible. In the very end stages of pregnancy you won’t be able to lie on your front or your back, so you might have to use some creativity to make it work. You can have oral and anal sex during pregnancy with two restrictions – your partner should never blow air into your vagina and anal sex should not be followed by vaginal sex. Blowing air into the vagina can potentially introduce air into a blood vessel, which could be potentially life threatening for both you and the baby. Vaginal sex after anal sex can spread potentially infectious bacteria into your vagina.